Ted Davies


“Columbia Capital is a great investment partner.  Their unique portfolio of investments and expansive network of talent allows me and our company significant reach back when we are looking to move into new parts of the market, are seeking differentiated solutions or need outside technical expertise.  It’s a pleasure to do business with the Columbia team.”

Duncan Orell-Jones


"The Columbia Capital team has been an invaluable resource for our company, not simply as investors, but as strategic advisors, business partners and friends.  It¹s been great working with them because they bring an incredible collection of experiences nurturing companies to scale, and they engage with us in a style that¹s all about being helpful and supportive. It also makes a huge difference to have an investor that has the reputation and track record of Columbia Capital, ­ their deep connections and strong personal reputations have been indispensable to variety of strategic engagements with companies. If you're looking for a partner to help grow your business, you cannot go wrong with Columbia Capital."

Roger Linquist



"Columbia came into MetroPCS before we had launched any markets or had any revenue.  They really stood out as knowing the wireless communication business. The Columbia Partner on our Board worked very hard along side us and provided excellent advice on some strategic initiatives important to our growth.  In particular, he helped us through some crucial financial reporting and compliance issues that helped pave the way for a successful IPO.  Columbia is exactly the kind of collaborative partner an entrepreneur with vision wants at his side."



Investment Approach

As industry-focused investors, we often spot major trends early and can identify unique assets and opportunities in our markets.  Similarly, we make it our priority to know and build relationships with the most capable, proven executives in our industry today and those who are up and coming. 

Columbia’s investment approach involves partnering with these executives to build new, valuable companies around growth trends and innovation opportunities that we uncover in our Focus Areas.  As we collect and synthesize market insight into an investment idea, we typically spend three to nine months alongside our management teams creating a business plan that can build scale quickly for the enterprise and achieve market leadership.  By the time we launch, we’ll have evaluated dozens of assets, business models, and oftentimes built a pipeline of commercial business or partnership opportunities for inorganic growth.

This proactive, resource-intensive aspect of our investment approach continues throughout the course of our involvement in our portfolio companies.  We believe our unique set of experiences and relationships that have been established over the last twenty years can be helpful as our portfolio company executives build great businesses and we go to great length to be resourceful partners in the journey.

While we have successfully employed multiple investment strategies, most of our investments go into companies that we help build in the following ways:




Business Building - Major Growth Trends

  1. 1.  Identify an emerging secular growth trend that can create a new market or disrupt a large existing market
  2. 2.  Assemble a highly capable management team
  3. 3.  Develop a plan to build scale quickly and achieve market leadership
  4. 4.  Execute inorganic growth strategies that complement and enhance existing organic growth


Business Building - Unique Assets

  1. 1. Employ unique viewpoints on alternative uses for physical infrastructure and information assets (including wireless spectrum)
  2. 2. Acquire or recapitalize existing business/assets
  3. 3. Redefine strategy and go-to-market plan
  4. 4. Augment leadership team with known performers
  5. 5. Collaborate on corporate development opportunities that accelerate new strategies


Growth Acceleration

  1. 1.  Start with a market-leading platform with proven performance and attractive growth opportunities
  2. 2.  Attract world-class industry executives to build teams capable of accelerating platform growth organically and through strategic combinations
  3. 3.  Leverage Columbia's deep industry relationships to drive key strategic partnerships with leading industry players
  4. 4.  Unlock value through strategic combinations that broaden product/service offering, expand customer reach, and/or consolidate sub-scale players
  5. 5.  Drive operating leverage through "best-practice" customer acquisition and service delivery models